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Lonestar uses next generation drilling motors to work in extreme situations. Its consistently successful performance makes it one of the best drilling motor technologies in today’s market and the reason it is in demand. The bearing assembly is pressure balanced, sealed and oil lubricated. The unique thrust bearing increases the operating life and overall capacity of the bearing assembly. The Universal Assembly is redesigned to unique load with different structure to achieve extreme high-torque. Short Bit to Bend design for the whole Positive Displacement Motor increases the Strength and Dogleg capacity. Our improved technology delivers consistently high level of quality and reliability.


Lonestar PDM power section components are designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art processes and controls, with extraordinary attention to detail. The resulting products consistently deliver higher performance and longer life than other power sections on the market. Lonestar power sections are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, with elastomers and coatings for the toughest drilling conditions. Lonestar’s PDM elastomers are formulated for superior mechanical performance and excellent fluid resistance, heat resistance (150~250C) and corrosion resistance (resistant nearly most of the drilling environments). Their premium mechanical properties enhance the performance and extend the life of our stators.

Positive displacement motors have widespread use in vertical drilling in many areas. Benefits are seen in enhancing penetration rates and minimizing drill string wear. New generation low speed high torque motors have been used to optimize PDC bit performance in hard rock drilling as well as extending roller cone bit life to new limits.

Lonestar offers a complete line of high performance drilling motors for vertical drilling. Lonestar performance motors utilize the latest technology in power sections for maximum output power and torque. They have been designed for maximum drilling penetration and durability. Lonestar performance motors have a proven record of reliable operation and exceptional penetration rates.

  • Optimized, cost effective system for vertical drilling applications
  • High power and longer life resulting in improved drilling performance
  • Can be used in high temperature applications, high-solid wear applications
  • Compatible with today’s drilling fluid chemistries
  • BHA configuration and drilling parameters optimized using Lonestar’s software
  • Higher rates of penetration in most applications

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