Leaders in Directional Drilling since 2008

Lonestar Directional Inc.

New Technology in All Drilling Applications

Lonestar employs cutting-edge technology for all its drilling activities, providing comprehensive directional and horizontal drilling solutions using highly skilled professionals. We have established a robust infrastructure that includes designing, building, and maintaining the most dependable tools available. Our proficient field hands, the use of Lonestar’s proprietary Job tracker, and advanced MWD tools enable us to effectively manage drilling operations risks in even the most demanding conditions, both in Canada and globally.

Technology Driven. Experience Backed.

Our Services

Lonestar delivers exceptional drilling services that are both high-quality and cost-effective. 

Directional Drilling

We are proud to offer the most comprehensive directional drilling services in the oil and gas industry. From horizontal well drilling to directional well drilling, re-entry well drilling, and high-performance vertical drilling, our team has the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.

Well Design

Our well planning department employs state-of-the-art technology to create comprehensive directional well plans that meet the unique needs of each client. We use Landmarks Compass software in conjunction with initial land surveys and geological data to develop a customized plan that aligns with the client's goals. Our technical staff, with years of experience under their belt, meticulously craft a proposal that incorporates the client's requests and offset well data.

Performance Optimization

Lonestar strives to be on the front line of advanced technology to optimize performance in every well we drill.

Case Studies

We combine quality, reliable and innovative equipment with highly skilled, professional and experienced personnel to achieve some of the fastest and economic drilling, in a variety of formations, throughout Western Canada.